Boat and Personal Watercraft registration

June 23rd, 2016

Where can I go to transfer boat/personal watercraft ownership?

Purchasing a used boat is always an interesting exercise. Making sure it is a safe, seaworthy craft is one thing but getting it registered into your name is another.

Change in trailer ownership

Most boats and PWCs come with a trailer. Transferring ownership of the boat trailer is as straightforward as transferring ownership of a vehicle and can be done easily providing you have the right support documentation. If it has been previously registered in BC then it’s the same process as a vehicle. You obtain the signed registration of the previous owner and have a signed completed transfer form. Taxes are collected by the broker and new plates and registration is issued.

Change in boat ownership

This is done through Transport Canada and is mandatory. There is no charge for this service. There is , however, there is a $250 fine for not having a valid registration in your possession while operating your boat.


Pleasure craft licences are valid for ten years and must be renewed after that date.

Taxes are not collected by the broker. This is again coordinated through Transport Canada.

You don’t necessarily have to change the registration numbers. The main thing is that your ownership of the vessel is recorded by Transport Canada.

Don’t forget you’ll also need an operator’s card for your boat if you don’t already have one. For more details on this visit: http://www.cps-ecp.ca